Mobile Repairs, Diagnostics and Maintenance Services

If you feel like dealerships are stealerships or your independent repair shop isn’t honest or too expensive drop us a line through our contact form.

Just fill out the form and describe what needs to be done in a few words and we will give you a quote. Most repairs can be done at your place of residence if you would like. We would appreciate if you would give us a fair chance.


  • Diagnostics of electrical and mechanical faults
  • Parasitic battery drain fault finding
  • EVAP leaks
  • Unmetered air leaks
  • Pre-Purchase Diagnostics
  • Pre-/Post-Repair evaluation of workshop fault finding

Cluster Repair and Coding:

  • Renewal of used clusters for plug and play use
  • Repair of clusters
  • Coding of clusters
  • AMG menu activation

Control Module Service:

  • Cloning of used Engine Control Modules (ECU)
  • Cloning of used Electronic Ignition Switch Control Modules (EIS)
  • Cloning of used Central Gateway Control Modules (CGW/ZGW)
  • Renewing and/or clearing of used Airbag Control Modules
  • Recoding of used ABS/ESP Control Modules for plug and play use
  • Used control module sales
  • Control module updates
  • Calibration of Weight Sensing System (WSS)


  • Engine Control Module (ECU)
  • Transmission Control Module (TCU)

Star Diagnosis Repair and Service:

  • Multiplexer repair service
  • Software update and repair service

CA Smog Check / Catalytic Converter Service:

If your Mercedes won’t pass the rigorous CA Smog Check we can help you. If your car has no catalytic converter installed or bad or defective catalytic converters (“cats”), the OBD portion of the Smog Check will ultimately fail and you won’t get your registration sticker from the DMV even if you paid your registration already. You open yourself up from getting pulled over or receiving parking citations in violation of 52.04 California Vehicle Code for not displaying the current registration.

You have to get the problem fixed before you can have a re-check done. A new catalytic converter that is CA approved can cost you upwards of $3000 and is barely available anymore as CA is moving forward to state without cars with combustion engines).

If you know about the problem, come see us before you even go to get your car smog checked to save yourself time and money. Send us a message via our “Contacts”.