Mobile Repairs, Diagnostics and Maintenance Services

If you feel like dealerships are stealerships or your independent repair shop isn’t honest or too expensive drop us a line through our contact form.

Just fill out the form and describe what needs to be done in a few words and we will give you a quote. Most repairs can be done at your place of residence if you would like. We would appreciate if you would give us a fair chance.


  • Diagnostics of electrical and mechanical faults
  • Parasitic battery drain fault finding
  • Pre-Purchase Diagnostics
  • Pre-/Post-Repair evaluation of workshop fault finding

Cluster Repair and Coding:

  • Renewal of used clusters for plug and play use
  • Repair of clusters
  • Coding of clusters
  • AMG menu activation

Control Module Service:

  • Cloning of used Engine Control Modules (ECU)
  • Cloning of used Electronic Ignition Switch Control Modules (EIS)
  • Cloning of used Central Gateway Control Modules (CGW/ZGW)
  • Renewing and/or clearing of used Airbag Control Modules
  • Recoding of used ABS/ESP Control Modules for plug and play use
  • Used control module sales
  • Control module updates
  • Calibration of Weight Sensing System (WSS)


  • Engine Control Module (ECU)
  • Transmission Control Module (TCU)

Star Diagnosis Repair and Service:

  • Multiplexer repair service
  • Software update and repair service