Who are we and what do we do?

We are a dedicated group of current and former Mercedes-Benz engineers all from the greater area of Stuttgart, Germany. Our expertise lies in Electrical- and Electronics, Mechanical, and Software Engineering, comprehensive diagnostics and repairs. Our passion lies in the Mercedes-Benz W/S211 model with emphasis on the M113ML (aka M113K[ompressor]) engine.

We repair OEM control modules, offer 100% original Xentry Diagnostic System installations and repairs of original and Chinese multiplexers.

We engineered a sophisticated Belt Wrap Kit for all M113ML engines. Our recent development includes high quality, high performance all aluminum pulleys with ball bearings that last.

We offer Mercedes-Benz and AMG engine and transmission tunes.

We offer performance parts including but not limited to high performance inter cooler pumps, looped fuel rails, and much more.